Main reasons why you should sell final expense Insurance

final expense insurance
Final Expense insurance for the most part has a 7 day turnaround. Meaning cases get approved , agents get paid and policies get mailed to agent or client within 7 days of the date of application.
Funeral directors love final expense polices because they know they will get paid fast! Therefore, if a final expense or funeral insurance plan is in force, the family has less stress from the financial side and can spend more quality time in the grieving process, which is important for acceptance of a death. Also, the funeral home knows with the “Assignment Form,” signed by the beneficiary named on the policy, some or all of the funds from the burial plan will be directly forwarded to them from the insurance carrier quickly!
Families have more choices with Final Expense Insurance.
For example, if a final expense policy provides $10,000, and the national average price of a funeral today is $6,000, the family has options to buy additional merchandise and services. Additionally , final expense is more flexible and portable than pre-need insurance bought  directly from the funeral home.
As an agent, you will be paid quicker and you will have almost "no pending business" to worry about. This allows you to get to your client with a policy quicker and be able to keep your promise of providing professional service. Also, when you purchase final expense leads, the shelf life  is a lot longer than other types of leads. If a 65 year old lady said "no" on your first visit, she may say yes 2 or 3 years from now when she realizes her health is not getting better, or someone in her family passed away. Like Mr. Alan Benedict says: "Final Expense is a great opportunity to just sell"

Learn more about our Final Expense Insurance Program

As a Final Expense Agent you will be able to offer one of the best Burial  Insurance Programs in the Industry and your clients will have peace of mind knowing his or her family won't have to worry about covering and arranging funeral expenses.

 Our Final Expense  Insurance plan  include:

  • Whole life insurance that builds cash value
  • Available for ages  0 to 85
  •  Face amounts from $3,000 to $50,000
  • Child Rider benefit
  • 10 pay , 20 pay and single premium pay
  • No Medical Exam (Approval is based on answers to medical questions on application)
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • 100% Percent portable!
  • Premiums never Increase!
  • Benefits never decrease!

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