Generating Final Expense Insurance Leads

Posted by Burial Insurance Careers on November 15, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Most agents would agree that the key to success in this business is having a good final expense insurance lead program available.So how do you get these leads? Some use direct mail final expense leads, some use telemarketers,   or some use appointment settting services. However, the main thing you have to be aware of is that these lead sources cost money. They are not cheap and it’s a weekly bill or expense  you will always face. Once you have your 7-10 policies in each week, you won’t really notice the cost of these leads but, in the beginning, it can be tough to afford the lead cost. This is the reason why many agents combine  buying leads with effective door knocking  techniques and referral producing activities.

As a new agent, you can be successful door knocking if you have a great final expense sales presentation and the right combination of companies. As you get better , you are bound to sell one policy a day. That is 5 policies a week and at $500 commission a piece, that is $2500 a week, $10,000 a month. We train our agents with the right door knocking tips and  effective scripts so you get to hear "yes" more often  at the door. Our agents also  use   neighbors whitepages  and  to locate senior prospects in the same area where the direct mail leads  are located. The white pages app for android and i-phone works great, but it  is also a good idea to print the neighbor list before you go sell in that  neighborhood. If you purchased 10 direct mail leads in a zip code, you can locate an average of 10  additional seniors in that area per purchased lead who  may have also received mailers from lead vendors. Simply knock at the door, use the name displayed  at white pages neighbors, and show the lead sample and identify yourself. We provide our agents with lead flyer samples vendors mail to seniors to increase your chances on getting in the door. Asking the lead client if they know these neighbors on your neighbor list also works great, since they may know some of of these seniors accross the street. If you purchased 10 direct mail leads, and you are able to locate 20 more seniors and you did 5 more presentations, you may close 2 more sales with these free lead sources!We also recommend  our agents to use  delivery sticky notes when door knocking. This way, if nobody answers the door you can stick the delivery note on the door, and you will  get call backs from these seniors. Using the right sticky note makes all the difference! Doing all these activities brings your lead cost down dramatically, and you can keep more money in your pocket!

Remember, There is no guarantee that any lead vendor will be able to meet your needs for leads. Some final expense life insurance leads work really well in some areas and poorly in other areas. By incorporating these lead generating activities, you are guaranteeing your self a constant flow of prospects.

You are in the drivers seat, so take control and steer your own way to success. You have to be innovative and creative when choosing leads for final expense insurance. You have to work hard and smart. Door knocking is one of  your cheapest route and the best route to go when you are broke. If you knock on 10 doors a day, you should generate one sale, making it so you have the funds to then pursue other types of final expense sales leads. Also, make a note to always ask for referrals and aim to have all your future leads generated by referrals. This is the true secret to success.

We also encourage our agents to use a Keep in Touch program with postcards  that allows you to send your clients birthday cards, anniversary cards, annual review postcards, and more. If you get a referral, make sure you send a thank you card to your clients. We recommend Sendoutcards to get this done.

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